January 29


3 Critical Questions Every Website Homepage Must Answer in 7 Seconds or Less

By Jesse

January 29, 2021

One of the core concepts of a high converting website has to do with messaging on your home page— and how quickly you can get 3 critical points across super quick — in under 7 seconds.

Back in 2011, there was a study done by the Nielsen Norman Group (leaders in research based user experience on the web) that stated that website viewers will leave a website in 10 seconds if the messaging is not clear.   They tend to stay much longer when there is a clear value proposition.  

That was back in 2011!   I would say that attention spans are not getting any better with the amount of noise on the internet.    This number is much lower — I am being generous with saying you have seven seconds IF the visitor arrives with intention. 

There are so many reasons why people land on your home page… and in most cases — you have NO IDEA  how they got there (Google Analytics can give you a clue).   There are just too many variables and reasons why they are there … they may just have heard of heard your name before - or they may just want to check you out before they buy from you.   

BUT — if people are confused they will not take action.    Peoples BS radars are super dialed in and you can lose a buyer quickly if your website’s home page is off. 

Another study done was by Google — known as the “Zero Moment of Truth” … as it turns out - people (even if they are ready to buy from you) will visit your website home page  to research your brand to decide if you are worth doing business with.   

The truth is - there are just too many fakers our there and too many phonies — so trust is a major issue.   This is why your home page MUST BE ON POINT. 

PRO TIP:   A great homepage probably won’t CLOSE the sale… but it can absolutely LOSE the sale.

Without further ado ... 

The Seven Second Website Test

1. What is it?    Think like a visitor… “Ok, I am here, what the heck do you do and what value do you provide?” 

2.  Why problem do you solve?     They need to know they are in the right place and if whatever you are offering is for them.    They need understand what the benefit is.

3.  What Now?    What EXACTLY do you want the to do?   Website visitors are not mind readers — they need to know what action step they need to take  OR THEY WILL NOT TAKE ACTION!

Getting these three things right can make all the difference between a converting website that brings in money - or one that just sits there and looks pretty.

I personally take this a step further to make sure, without a doubt, that these three points are crystal clear.   I ask my elementary school kids to look at the website and tell me what they think the site is about — and if it’s clear what the site wants them to do.   If it passes that test, then I know we are on the right path. 

Website conversion Expert:

Website Conversion Expert

Website Conversion Expert

I encourage you to take the seven second test on your website… you may be shocked at what you find.   I also encourage you to look at your competitors site — see if they have nailed the seven second test.   If they haven’t - you already have a competitive edge.   

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